After many years building collaborative networks for training, innovation and immersive 
technology development, we can now provide that expertise to our clients directly!

Jason Parker

Collaborative Game Theorist, Artist, Alchemist, Virtual Reality Developer 

I am fascinated with the world of Virtual Reality and the endless possibilities of bringing art, therapy, collaboration, community development, and storytelling to life with the help of advanced technology

My life's work revolves around a growing understanding of the idea and possibilities of Collaborative Game Theory.The simplest extraction of which I have so far is based off many philosophies and theories including chaordism, systems thinking, ABCD, COIN, Junto, Experiential Education, and the Fifth Discipline.

 Of this the pattern seems to emerge to support four pillars  

  • Clarifying Values, Aligning with Purpose 
  • Expanding Mental Models and Knowledge Sharing 
  • Skill Development and Personal Mastery 
  • Community contribution and Feedback Loops 

I have dedicated my Life to pursuing and learning from those who are already following principles I believe will change the way we interact, from geo politically to individually. 

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